Wang Yundan Inspects Qiantan Project Site

On August 18, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan visited the construction site of Pudong Qiantan Energy Center Project to inspect and guide the work.

During the work meeting held at the construction site of Qiantan Project, Wang listened to the report by SEP Green Energy Company General Manager Wang Guodi, and carefully learned about the construction progress, safe production situation, quality and cost control status as well as follow-up work plan of Qiantan Project.

Wang pointed that Qiantan Energy Center Project is the first distributed energy project of SEP and even SPIC, and thus SEP Green Energy should follow the industrial policy development direction, pay special attention to the project construction and operation work, build Qiantan Energy Center into an "Internet Plus" integrated smart energy with cooling, heating and power supply, and take an early lead in the distributed energy market. He stressed that the second half of 2016 is the critical time for the project, and the construction work should forge ahead on the premise of "Safety first". SEP Green Energy should stay true to its mission, consider customers' demand as its duty, and provide cost-efficient and quality energy with high reliability for customers, in order to enhance investment attraction of Qiantan area and build a distributed energy demonstration project with SEP characteristics.

The leaders of related SEP departments and subsidiaries accompanied Wang on the inspection.

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