Wang Huaiming Inspects Changxing Gas-fired Power Generation for G20 Summit Power Supply Security Work

On August 19, SEP President Wang Huaiming, Deputy President Xing Lianzhong and their delegation went to Zhejiang Zheneng Changxing Gas-fired Power Generation Co., Ltd. (Changxing Gas-fired Power Generation) to inspect the electricity supply security work for the upcoming G20 Summit.

Wang Huaiming noted that the G20 power supply security preparation work should implement the following five requirements: first, ensure that all the unit equipment is intact; second, hold all the staff accountable; third, pay attention to the power grid safety and plant area security work; fourth, improve the contingency plan to prepare for any conditions; fifth, guarantee the timely information distribution. He required the power plant leaders to stick to their positions, give guidance at the front, and play a key role in the G20 power supply security work.

Xing Lianzhong required that the power supply security work for the G20 Summit should live up to six requirements including safety, environmental protection, information security, plant area safety, fuel supply and hazardous chemical control, and ensure there is no personal safety or power production accident during the G20 Summit.

The inspection team reviewed the power supply security preparation situation through on-site visit and data check, and expressed satisfaction with the power plant for its power supply security and environmental protection safeguarding work. During the inspection, the delegation visited the front-line staff to convey greetings in hot weather and held cordial talks with them.

The leader of Changxing Gas-fired Power Generation gave a detailed report on the implementation of enterprise power supply security and environmental protection work for the upcoming G20 Summit, and expressed that the power plant would spare no effort to complete the power supply security work for G20 Summit in strict compliance with the requirements of Zhejiang provincial, local governments and SEP.

The related personnel of SEP Production Department and Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department participated in the inspection.

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