Wang Huaiming Visits Caojing Power Plant to Guide HSE Management System Improvement

On August 23, SEP President Wang Huaiming and Deputy President Xing Lianzhong went to Caojing Power Plant to attend the weekly meeting of HSE management system improvement work held at the power plant.

Wang pointed out that the improvement process of the company's HSE management system should focus on the implementation of SPIC’s requirements, fully combine the company's own characteristics, learn from outstanding management experience in the system, supplement management regulations, and further improve the existing rules and regulations in the light of "Easy to understand, Simple to practice" to make various improvement tools more concise and practical in conformity with SEP’s requirements, while all the pilot companies should fully mobilize the whole staff's enthusiasm and strength to effectively improve the quality of pilot work, and continuously promote HSE management system improvement according the requirements of "Once mature, then promulgate and implement”.


Xing summarized last week's HSE management system improvement work and arranged for main tasks in the next phase.


Two pilot companies including Caojing Power Plant and Caojing Cogeneration reported their work.


Leaders of related SEP departments, Caojing Power Plant and Caojing Cogeneration participated in the meeting.

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