Yu Jianfeng Inspects SEP

From August 9-10, 2016, SPIC Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Vice President Yu Jianfeng inspected SEP headquarters and its subsidiaries including Waigaoqiao Power Plant and Yangshupu Power Plant to carry out special investigation on Party construction.

Yu Jianfeng highly affirmed SEP's achievements on business development and Party construction, as well as the highlights and characteristics of the grassroots party organizations. He pointed out that SEP, as the backbone subsidiary of SPIC, combined with the strategic positioning of SPIC, should become the pioneer in business development, internationalization, new energy, asset securitization, especially the Party building work.

Yu noted that Party construction should focus on practice, results, and value creation. First, implement the Party building responsibility. Party secretaries at all levels should implement the main responsibility, and consciously and actively perform their duties responsibly. Second, further enhance the vitality of the Party branches. Guard against formalism, adhere to be open and engage in activities so that the people could be involved in monitoring and evaluation. Third, further promote the "two studies and one become" campaign. Not only become qualified party members, but also the pioneers of the mass workers to promote corporate development and implement SPIC's strategy, as well as the leader of China’s "Two Hundred-year Dreams". Fourth, accelerate the construction of corporate culture. Put emphasis on daily publicizing and concentrated publicizing, well grasp the culture relationship between SPIC and SEP, and promote the deep root of "Harmony” culture. Fifth, adhere to the masses and Youth League construction guided by the Party construction, and approach the masses and workers to unite to create the value. Sixth, grasp the united front work.

SEP President Wang Huaiming reported SEP’s "12th Five-Year Plan" work and the business development work in the first half of 2016. He said that SEP would continue to carry forward the "Three Thousands” hardworking spirit to complete the objectives and tasks this year, achieve SEP’s "13th Five-Year Plan" development goals, help SPIC to realize "corner overtaking", and make greater contributions to build an integrated international innovation energy group and modern SOE with outstanding core competitiveness.

SEP Discipline Inspection Committee Secretary and Labor Union Chairman Gu Ai made a special report on the main content of Party construction research. He noted that SEP would seriously study the important speech of President Xi Jinping on the meeting to commemorate the 95th anniversary of the founding of CPC, implement the principle of "stay true to the mission and keep moving on" into all areas of work, and further promote the overall tightening Party disciplines to provide strong protection for SEP transformation, development and stability.


SPIC Corporate Culture Department Director Jing Yucheng, Secretary of Youth League Committee Zeng Xuefeng, SEP Deputy Presidents Sun Weidong, Xing Lianzhong, and Xia Meixing, CFO Chen Wenhao and Chief Engineer Zhai Deshuang accompanied Yu on the inspection.


On August 9, Yu Jianfeng and his delegation arrived at Waigaoqiao Power Plant to give greetings to the production staff, ask in details about the situation of summer cooling work and the operation situation of the units. He required the staff to pay attention to safety and protection, strengthen the equipment inspection, carefully monitor the control panels, standardize operations, and ensure personal and device security. When conducting research on Party branch standardization construction in the power generation department, Yu listened carefully to the Party branch work report, checked work records and accounts, and talked with Party members and cadres on Party branch standardization construction, "two studies and one become" education campaign and other issues. In the afternoon, Yu and his delegation went to Yangshupu Power Plant to visit the history and exhibit showroom of the power plant. Yu carefully listened to the work reports of these two power plants, inquired about the general situation, production and operation, development and planning as well as the Party construction work, and affirmed their achievements, work characteristics and highlights.

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