Yu Jianfeng Inspects Tianji Power Plant

On August 2, SPIC Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Vice President Yu Jianfeng and his delegation inspected Tianji Power Plant under the hot summer.

Yu Jianfeng went to the production site to conduct field research and convey greetings, shook hands with the staff on duty warmly in the Phase I and Phase II control rooms, brought them summer cooling gifts, and urged them to complete the sunstroke prevention work, ensure good health, and accomplish various tasks on the security premise. Yu also inspected the 13.7-meter high turbine platform of Units 3 and Unit 4.


SPIC Corporate Culture Department Director Jing Yucheng, Secretary of Youth League Committee Zeng Xuefeng and their delegation, and the leading group of Tianji Power Plant accompanied Yu on the inspection.

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