Wang Yundan Lectures to Young, Middle-aged Cadre Training Class

On August 2, 2016, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan gave a lecture titled "Understand the situation, adapt to the trend, and make a difference—challenges, crises and integrated smart energy development trend confronting SEP" to the sixth young and middle-aged cadre training class of the company at SPIC Talent College. In the afternoon, He was also present at the graduation symposium for the training class presided over by SEP Discipline Inspection Committee Secretary and Labor Union Chairman Gu Ai.

Wang Yundan introduced the company's production, operation and management situation from "12th Five-Year Plan" to the first half of 2016, with an in-depth analysis of its challenges and crises as well as integrated smart energy development. Wang Yundan noted that problem is the voice of our times and the current economic situation determined our difficult mission. He expressed that under the backdrop of severe electricity market situation, falling power consumption and power price reduction in China this year, the company managed to make a profit in the first half year which ranked third in SPIC, and the key to such a good performance lay in people. SASAC appraised the company highly with "good asset, structure, performance, leaders, employees and location" for the company itself and "having a sunny attitude and braveness to innovate and blaze new trails" for its employees. Young and middle-aged cadres, especially Party members and cadres, should serve as a role model to others, become a good Party member first, and then become a good Party cadre. Wang raised three requirements for young and middle-aged cadres as follows: first, stay true to the mission, and as Party members and employees of SOEs, fulfill their own duties, accomplish ideological construction, organization construction and Party style construction, realize the company's transformation and development effectively and properly, and make contributions to building an innovative international integrated energy group and modern SOE with outstanding core competitiveness as well as building another SEP by 2020; second, work with passion and stay calm, and under the current grim situation, all the employees should broaden their vision, mind and horizon, focus on the "1234" strategy, and strive to construct an international enterprise with coal-fired power, gas-fired power, new energy, integrated smart energy and electric power service all rolled into one; everyone present should seize every minute, improve their own capability to find the problem, solve it, stay calm in the face of changes; third, learn in order to practice, be realistic and pragmatic. SEP has a history of 135 years and is obliged to let its employees live a decent life. All the trainees of young and middle-aged cadre training class are the hope of the company, and thus the strategic goal of "corner overtaking" by SPIC and "building another SEP by 2020" is up to them.
At the graduation symposium, the trainees shared their learning experience over the past month, and expressed that they would never betray the hope of the company leaders, continue to carry out the "Three Thousands" hardworking spirit, and strive to become SEPers with enthusiasm, creativeness, braveness and achievements.

SPIC Talent College Deputy Head Zhu Xiaohong, and the leaders of SEP Human Resources Department and Party Affairs Department attended the graduation symposium.

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