Wang Yundan Visits Caojing Power Plant amid Hot Summer

On July 22, 2016, during another record-breaking summer in Shanghai, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan went to the production site of Caojing Power Plant, presented heatstroke prevention products to the front-line staff sticking to their posts, and conveyed sincere wishes and care to them.


Wang arrived at the central control room despite high temperature, shook hands warmly with the staff, and carefully asked about their working and living conditions. He extended heartfelt appreciation to the front-line staff for holding their positions under summer heat in order to ensure safe and steady operation of units, and also required them to have a proper balance between work and rest, continue to improve self-protection awareness, pay attention to heatstroke prevention and cooling at work, in order to ensure safe production and accomplish summer task.


Like a soothing breeze, Wang's visit refreshed every front-line worker amid hot summer, encouraging them to forge ahead with determination. All the staff with Caojing Power Plant will carry forward the hardworking spirit of combating summer heat, stick to their own posts and make unremitting efforts to complete various annual targets of the company.  


The main leaders of related SEP departments and Caojing Power Plant accompanied Wang on the visit.

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