Wang Yundan Visits Mozambique to Boost Project

From July 6-8, 2016, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan and Deputy President Guo Baohong together with a delegation went to Mozambique, where they attended a signing ceremony of shareholder agreement term sheet for Ncondezi Coal-fired Power Project between SEP and NEL.

The Ncondezi Coal-fired Power Project, launched in 2014, has gone through two and a half years' negotiations between both sides. Now that they reached a consensus on the main clauses in the related agreement, both sides would work together to push forward the project.

During his stay in Mozambique, Wang visited Chinese Ambassador to Mozambique Su Jian, Economic and Commercial Counselor Wang Lipei and Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy Pedro Concei??o Couto respectively. Couto highly praised the advanced environmental protection and design concept of SEP, fully affirmed the company's professional capability and overseas pioneering spirit, and expressed the great support for the Ncondezi Project from Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy.


SEP General Counsel Wu Ming, Deputy Chief Economist Shi Mingwei and related department heads accompanied Wang on his visit.

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