SEP Holds Lean Management Improvement Diagnosis Communication Meeting

On July 11, SEP convened a lean management improvement diagnosis communication meeting to further promote the company's lean management improvement diagnosis work. The meeting was chaired by SEP President Wang Huaiming, and Deputy President Xing Lianzhong and Chief Engineer Zhai Deshuang attended the meeting.

Waigaoqiao Power Plant and SEP Production Department shared their respective lean management improvement diagnosis experience, practice and diagnosis report, and then SEP Lean Management Office gave a report on the implementation of lean management improvement diagnosis, the existing problems and the follow-up work arrangement. In addition, thirteen special improvement work groups of SEP and major leaders of six key companies and SEP Fuel Company held exchanges and discussions on how to further enhance lean management improvement diagnosis work.

Wang Huaiming summarized the meeting. He noted that "Four Insists" should be achieved in lean management improvement diagnosis as follows: first, insist on problem-oriented and target-oriented, focus on the most prominent problem, aim at the benchmark and address the weakness; second, insist on quantitative analysis and finding the main reason, overcome empiricism and taking for granted, in order to solve the major reasons which account for 80%; third, insist on getting to the root for the real reason, apply the why-why analysis, carry forward progressively until reaching the final reason; fourth, insist on simultaneous progress of diagnosis, rectification and improvement, and get on the right track of continuous improvement.

Wang required all the special groups and related companies to further strengthen leadership and refine organization, speed up diagnosis work progress, make further breakthroughs in key points, mobilize more forces to tackle problems, encourage all staff to check and find problems while resort to outside intellectual resources in order to ensure the quality of diagnosis work and obtain actual effect. Meanwhile, combine with SPIC's requirement to enhance quality and efficiency, reflect on and evaluate the development of lean management improvement, further optimize and adjust the relevant action plans and implementation schedules, in order to ensure various measures are comprehensively and effectively implemented.

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