Wang Huaiming Inspects Shandong Qingyun Wind Power Project

On July 6, SEP President Wang Huaiming inspected the 100 MW Qingyun Wind Power Project site located in Yanwu Village, Qingyun County, Dezhou of Shandong Province, to promote the project construction. Wang learned about the construction progress at the site, and held the promotion meeting with the project company and the construction company. Regarding the construction schedule delay, Wang required to seize the key points of the transmission line and booster station construction as well as the restriction of the wind farm road construction progress delay, refine construction plan, ensure the personnel and mechanical inputs, open more working platforms, implement more policies to expedite the project promotion on the premise of guaranteeing safety and quality.

Wang also met with State Grid Power Shandong Electric Power Company and the principal leaders of Qingyun County Government to exchange views on the construction of Qingyun Wind Power Project.

Related departments of SEP and leaders of relevant companies accompanied Wang on the inspection.

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