SPIC Outside Directors, Leaders Inspect SEP

On June 2, SPIC Outside Directors Zhu Hongjie, Yang Jixue, Liu Baoying and Li Jiamo, SPIC Assistant President Wang Shudong and other leaders visited SEP to guide the work. SEP Chairman Wang Yundan, President Wang Huaiming, Deputy Presidents Sun Weidong, Guo Baohong, Xing Lianzhong and Xia Meixing, Secretary of Discipline Inspection Committee and Labor Union Chairman Gu Ai, and Chief Engineer Zhai Deshuang attended the meeting.

Wang Yundan firstly reviewed the long history of SEP, and made a detailed report on the company's organizational structure and personnel composition, industrial size and structure, business performance, corporate governance and capital market operation, industrial layout, technological innovation, energy conservation and emission reduction, management innovation, Party construction, corporate culture and other achievements made in recent years. He noted that all the SEP employees would become more positive and energetic to further enhance the company's profitability and competitiveness, make great contributions to SPIC's "corner overtaking" and construction of a leading innovative international integrated energy enterprise, and submit a satisfactory answer sheet to SPIC, shareholders and employees.

The four outside directors fully affirmed SEP’s solid steps made on "center on development, increase profitability, promote harmony" in recent years, especially for its achievements in new energy development, overseas development, service development and management innovation. SEP’s long history, the corporate culture of "Inheritance, Innovation and Excellence", as well as traveling thousands of miles with the "Three Thousands" hardworking spirit deeply impressed the outside directors. They all agreed that SEP is a modern state-owned enterprise with good team, good staff, good assets, good layout, good structure, good performance and good platform. They also hoped that SEP would seriously sum up the experience, establish a global brand, and sharpen the competitive edge of management and talent to achieve the objectives and tasks assigned by SPIC.

In the afternoon, Wang Yundan accompanied outside directors and other SPIC leaders to Caojing Power Plant and Caojing Cogeneration.

At Caojing Power Plant, Wang Yundan introduced the organizational structure, environmental and economic indicators, blending combustion of low calorific value coal and other related work, and inspected the dock, circular coal yard and control room.

At Caojing Cogeneration, General Manager Shi Peigang gave a report on comprehensive energy service work and comprehensive energy service forum, as well as the modification results of DLN2.6+ gas turbine.

The related leaders of SPIC General Office, Board of Supervisors, Department of Thermal Power and Electricity Sales and State Nuclear Power Technology Corporate, as well as the major leaders of relevant SEP departments also participated in the inspection.

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