SPIC Vice President Shi Jialin Inspects SEP Yangshupu Power Plant

On May 31, 2016, SPIC Party Group Member and Vice President Shi Jialin, Director of Power-related Industries Department Chen Guanwen and their delegation visited SEP Yangshupu Power Plant to conduct a survey and guide the work. SEP Chairman Wang Yundan, President Wang Huaiming and Deputy President Xia Meixing accompanied them on the visit.


Wang Yundan delivered a report on SEP's work review of the "12th Five-Year Plan" period and 2015 as well as the key work of 2016. He expressed that the company is confident and resolute to center around SPIC's strategy and this year's work target, initiatively leverage its own advantages, keep up with reform and innovation, focus on strengthening lean management, further improve value creation capability, execution power and resource integration ability under the guidance of SPIC, in order to obey and serve the overall situation of SPIC in a better manner and make greater contributions to SPIC's management and development.


Shi Jialin fully affirmed the work and achievements made by SEP. He said that he felt the company's hundred-year development history and the spirit of inheritance and entrepreneurship during his inspection trip, which embodies the company's strong responsibility awareness of dissatisfaction with the status quo, tenacious striving, self-pressurization and continuous improvement in line with the spirit of SPIC. He noted that SEP gave full play to its talent, technology and local advantages, implemented SPIC's strategic plan through the "1234" development strategy, and acquired good effect and results in terms of expanding domestic market, entering international stage, as well as performance assessment system and lean management. The company should summarize the experience so that SPIC could use the platform to provide service for various companies within the group, share experience and communicate with each other. He raised the following requests for the development of SEP: first, caution against risks in overseas development, combine work at selected spots with that in entire areas, do well in integration and leverage advantages in order to achieve regional and portfolio development; secondly, grasp the opportunity of clean energy development, continue to leverage the company's first-mover advantage of seeing early and clearly along with early transformation and initiative, and expand the development of domestic market, in order to play an important role for SPIC to realize "corner overtaking" and build an innovative international integrated energy group and modern SOE.


At the meeting, Yangshupu Power Plant General Manager and Xinyuan Company General Manager Xu Jin gave a report on the general situation, preliminary work development, planning and design scheme of the power plant's project and the project of World Expo A09A-01 land lot as well as the work plan for the next stage. After listening to the situation of the subsequent development project of Yangshupu Power Plant and World Expo A09A-01 land lot project, Shi Jialin pointed out that these two projects had advanced design concept, concise and high-efficient scheme, which embodied the company's spirit. He hoped the company to aim at building a good brand image, being responsible for the history, the company and the future, follow the development schedule and work plan, push forward various work orderly and strive to start construction on time.


After the meeting, Shi Jialin and his delegation visited the showroom of Yangshupu Power Plant on protected and preserved structures, buildings and exhibits.


The leaders of General Office, Planning and Development Department, Policy and Law Department and other related departments of SEP, Yangshupu Power Plant, Minghua Electric Power, SEP Engineering and other companies joined in the inspection.

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