Wang Yundan, NPDCC Chief Inspect Caojing Power Plant

On May 24, 2016, Secretary of the Party Committee of National Power Dispatching & Control Center (NPDCC) Zhang Huaiyu and his delegation, accompanied by SEP Chairman Wang Yundan, inspected Caojing Power Plant to conduct a special survey on primary frequency regulation of the units. State Grid East China Branch Deputy General Manager Li Dan and State Grid Shanghai Electric Power Company Deputy General Manager Ma Sulong also joined in the inspection.


Wang extended warm welcome to Zhang’s visit, and introduced the achievements of Caojing Power Plant in energy conservation and emission reduction made in recent years. Wang expressed that the power plant has set out on a path of clean and high-efficient coal utilization through taking the lead to conduct ultra-low emission and heat supply rehabilitation among 1000 MW-class coal-fired power plants, which created a name card of electric power industry in Shanghai. He also noted that SEP has been committed to the power grid security, with highly attention to the primary frequency regulation work, and the company would take the opportunity of this inspection to further implement the improvement suggestions put forward by State Grid and shoulder responsibilities for the safe and stable operation of the grid in Shanghai.


Caojing Power Plant General Manager Pan Longxing gave a special report concerning the special inspection on the primary frequency regulation work and relay protection as well as the rectification situation.


Zhang fully affirmed the primary frequency regulation work carried out by Caojing Power Plant. He expressed that Shanghai is the major receiving end of the external power supply in East China, and the primary frequency regulation work directly concerns the safe and stable operation of the city’s grid with tremendous introduction of ultra-high voltage direct current electricity. He also hoped Caojing Power Plant to keep on with its focus on the primary frequency regulation and make greater contribution to the grid stability.


After the meeting, Zhang and his delegation visited the central control room.


The heads of SEP related departments and subsidiaries participated in the meeting.

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