Wang Yundan Addresses Shanghai Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Conference

On May 17, Shanghai Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction, Addressing Climate Change and Industrial Restructuring Work Video and Telephone Conference in 2016 was held at No. 1 Meeting Room of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government. Vice Mayors of Shanghai, Tu Guangshao, Zhou Bo and Jiang Zhuoqing attended the conference and made important instructions. Huang Rong, Deputy Secretary General of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, related offices and bureaus of the municipal government and committee, district and county governments, as well as the major industrial enterprises of Shanghai participated in the conference.


SEP Chairman Wang Yundan, on behalf of industrial enterprises in Shanghai, delivered a keynote speech titled “Uphold Environmental Protection Concept, Become Creator of Green Energy” at the conference. In retrospect to the company’s achievements of energy conservation and emission reduction work in the “12th Five-Year Plan” period with a vision of the future, Wang expressed that SEP will further expand investment in energy conservation and environmental protection, explore innovation and become the “name card” of Shanghai in the development of “13th Five-Year Plan”, and meanwhile continue to provide green energy in accord with the development concept of “innovation, coordination, greenness, openness and sharing”, with greater contribution to the “bluer sky, clearer water and greener land” of Shanghai.

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