Wang Huaiming Attends Safety Production Appraisement Meeting at Tianji Power Plant

On May 12, 2016, SEP President Wang Huaiming and Deputy President Xing Lianzhong made a special trip to Tianji Power Plant in Huainan, Anhui Province, and attended the company’s safety production appraisement meeting.

Wang gave several important instructions at the meeting as follows: first, Tianji Power Plant have developed good experience and methods in various management work, which should be learned and promoted by the other power plants within SEP; second, concerning outsourcing team management work, the personnel at all levels of various power plants should fulfill their duties appropriately, and avoid the phenomenon of replacing management by outsourcing and outsourcing without management; third, all the power plants should include all the outsourcing companies in unified management, treat them without discrimination, learn from and carry forward their strong points, in order to improve together with them; fourth, the leaders of various power plants should treat on-site civilized production work with high standards and strict requests, and implement it with perseverance and continuous improvement, in order to realize positive accumulation. Wang also called for the functional departments and various affiliates of SEP to timely promote successful experience and disclose existing problems. In addition, He required facing problems directly, establishing communication system and platform, setting up typical examples, as well as perfecting, summarizing and promoting experience.    

Xing reviewed and summed up the company’s safety production work in April, with highly affirmation of the environment of Tianji Power Plant as well as the fixed location management, civilized production management and outsourcing team management of its production and operation sites. He asked the Party-masses departments of various companies to conduct supervision as the “third party” and release the problems found with the plant environment and civilized production on a regular basis, thus urge the production unit to carry out rectification. He also required Tianji Power Plant to continue with project development of outsourcing project management information system and further improve the work. Regarding the company’s safety production work in the near term, he made the following deployments: firstly, all the companies should pay special attention to self-examination and rectification of the problems found during SPIC’s inspection trip, complete supervision of the matter and close the loop; secondly, study the accident express and investigation report issued by SPIC earnestly, and strictly implement all-round trouble-shooting of protection facilities such as cover plates of handrails, electric shock protection for high voltage switch cabinets, work ticket rule, maintenance safety measures for pulverizers, personal injury prevention measures for the coal handling system, water ingress protection measures for the steam turbine and the other anti-accident measures as put forward by the company’s special meeting, draw lessons from the past accidents, carry out the owner’s responsibilities, rigorously control construction at night and strictly implement fireproof requirements for the absorption tower, etc. thirdly, pay due attention to flood prevention, especially the flood prevention and emergency tasks for companies and projects investing or providing services outside Shanghai.

Safety and Environmental Protection Supervision Department of SEP reported the company’s safety and environmental protection work in April, the situation of SPIC’s safety inspection and spring inspection, and Production and Technology Department announced the spring inspection situation of SPIC’s Thermal Power Department. Waigaoqiao Power Plant and Tianji Power Plant introduced the situation of hazardous chemical management information system and outsourcing project safety management information system respectively. The leaders of Caojing Power Plant, Waigaoqiao Power Plant, Wujing Power Plant, Kanshan Power Plant, Tianji Power Plant, SEP Engineering Co and SEP Operation Co also delivered speeches.


Before the meeting, Wang and his delegation visited the production site of Tianji Power Plant to inspect safety production and unit maintenance work situation. At the maintenance sites of coal conveyor belt, basement floor of steam turbine and 13.7-meter level, the construction sites of Unit 3 ultra-low emission rehabilitation and flue gas desulfurization absorption tower as well as the project department of coal handling outsourcing, Wang shook hands with the staff one by one, warmly inquiring their living and working situation at the plant, with a detailed understanding of maintenance situation and outsourcing team management. They also visited the project department of SEP Operation at the plant, held cordial conversations with the staff, and raised specific requirements for their naturalization and salary raise, e.g. good performance (A-level), professional titles.


The heads of related SEP departments and affiliates also joined in the meeting.

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