Wang Huaiming Inspects Qiantan, World Expo Energy Center Projects

On May 11, 2016, SEP President Wang Huaiming went to Qiantan and World Expo Energy Center Projects to inspect and guide the construction work.

Wang listened to the report by head of SEP Green Energy Co., Ltd. on the construction progress and business model design of Qiantan and World Expo Energy Center Projects, and subsequently inspected the construction sites of the two projects, with a detailed understanding of the construction progress and investment schedule. He raised further requirements for safe and civilized construction as well as control in quality, cost and progress, and held a wrap-up meeting at the construction site of Qiantan Project.


Wang noted that Qiantan and World Expo Projects would become the first distributed energy projects put into operation by SEP and even the group company SPIC, also as distributed energy projects in its true sense. SEP Green Energy should spare no efforts to conduct construction work while accomplishing management tasks, optimizing design, determining customers and energy prices, and striving for the zero breakthrough in the direct power supply to customers and charging services for new energy vehicles, in order to construct these two energy centers into the “Internet Plus” smart energy bases with cooling, heating and power supply and achieve profitability as soon as possible. He also encouraged the company to bravely dive into the blue sea of distributed energy, select potential areas to push forward project development in the attempt to take an early lead in the market and create an “Industry 4.0” energy enterprise with SEP characteristics.


The leaders of related SEP departments and subsidiaries participated in the inspection.

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