Wang Yundan Visits Turkey to Boost Project

From April 26-29, 2016, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan visited Turkey with his delegation, and promoted the project progress in the on-site meeting of EMBA Electricity Production Inc. (EMBA), the company’s Turkish subsidiary. SEP Deputy President Sun Weidong joined in the visit.

During his stay in Turkey, Wang paid a visit to Mustafa Yilmaz, Chairman of Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) located in the capital city of Ankara. Wang appreciated Yilmaz’s caring and support for SEP’s investment in Turkish electricity market. Yilmaz expressed welcome to the visit of SEP delegation, while promising more support for future investment intent in Turkey.

Wang and his delegation also visited Ba?kent Electricity Distribution and Supply Company located in Ankara and Ayeda? Electricity Distribution and Supply Company located in Istanbul, both belonging to EEDAS, a subsidiary of Turkish energy giant ENERJISA. In Istanbul, Wang held talks with the senior officials of SABANCI Group and ENERJISA.

ENERJISA is a subsidiary specializing in energy sector under the flag of SABANCI, one of the biggest conglomerates in Turkey. As a leading player in Turkish electricity distribution and sales market, its business involves electricity generation, trading, distribution and retail.

The leaders of related departments participated in the visit.

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