SEP Chairman Wang Yundan Visits Waigaoqiao Power Plant on Labor Day

On May 1, 2016, the first day of the International Labor Day holiday, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan visited Waigaoqiao Power Plant, extended warm greetings to the staff sticking to their production posts during the festival, and shook hands with them one by one to thank them for the contributions to SEP. At the site of the Unit 2 ultra-low emission rehabilitation project, Wang highly affirmed the rehabilitation work and the situation of safe and civilized construction, held cordial exchanges with the construction personnel, reiterated the importance of “Safety First”, and required everyone to strictly obey the “Two Tickets and Three Rules” and various regulations and prevent all kinds of violations. 

After listening to the report of Waigaoqiao Power Plant General Manager Wan Wenwei on safe operation, business management, electricity supply security work during the festival, PRO+I project and Unit 2 ultra-low emission rehabilitation project progress, Wang fully affirmed the power plant’s achievements in the first quarter this year and its contribution to the accomplishment of SEP’s related indicators. He asked the power plant to actively adapt to and grasp the new normal of electricity industry, and stick to adjustment in development and development in adjustment. He noted that the power plant should deploy work base on its own characteristic under higher work pressure in the second quarter. First, pay special attention to safe production concept and awareness of safe duty performance, especially accomplish the ultra-low emission rehabilitation project, and further strengthen outsourcing project management, on-site safety management, transportation safety management, execution of “Two Tickets and Three Rules” and other safe production work; second, continue to do a good job of safety and environmental protection, annual major projects and fuel blending combustion management, and strive for cost reduction and benefit increase; third, focus on the company’s key tasks, carry out all-round lean management improvement, and proceed with the development of PRO+I project.


The leaders of related departments of SEP and relevant companies accompanied Wang in the visit.

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