SPIC Party Member, Discipline Inspection Group Chief Deng Wenkui Inspects SEP

On April 29, 2016, SPIC Party Member and Chief of Discipline Inspection Group Deng Wenkui, Deputy Director of Discipline Inspection and Supervision Department Huai Wenming and their delegation went to SEP for inspection, and listened to the company’s report on the situation of reform, development and building of the Party work style. SEP President Wang Huaiming, Deputy Presidents Guo Baohong and Xia Meixing, and Secretary of Discipline Inspection Committee and Labor Union Chairman Gu Ai were present at the meeting.


Wang Huaiming delivered a report on the company’s development in the 12th Five-Year Plan period and the key tasks in 2016. Gu Ai gave a report on the company’s discipline inspection and supervision work.


Deng Wenkui fully affirmed the company’s work and achievements in reform, development and building of the Party work style. He noted that all the cadres and staff shall proceed with firm confidence and cohesive strength to improve the company’s efficiency and benefits, and meanwhile, continue to pace up market-oriented reform, keep up with technological and management innovation, in order to remain strategic composure, enhance comprehensive power and make contributions to the “corner overtaking” of SPIC during the 13th Five-Year Plan period.


Deng Wenkui reiterated that building of the Party work style should center around the company’s main work, and put forward five requests as follows: first, according to the related codes and regulations, reinforce education on the Party constitution and regulations, urge the cadres and workers to safeguard the bottom line while keeping up with the higher line; second, establish and improve the responsibility system of building of the Party work style, fulfill the “Two Responsibilities”, and earnestly implement the same duty of Party and government administration and double duties on the same position; third, take the “Four Forms” of discipline inspection and supervision as the specific focus of “Discipline First”, keep warning and criticizing each other on a regular basis, so as to take preventive measures before violations emerge; fourth, strictly obey the “Eight Rules” of the Party Central Committee and the “Five Bans and Twenty-three Prohibitions” of SPIC, strengthen the awareness and solidly accomplish the rectification of the “Four Bad Working Styles”; fifth, enhance the construction of system and executive force, know the rules and act in accordance with regulations to prevent all kinds of violations.


Huai Wenming combined with the rectification situation of the “Four Bad Working Styles” and the work of “Looking Back”, analyzed the weakness existing in the Party work style construction within SPIC, and raised three requirements for the related work of SEP as follows: firstly, carry on with the rectification of the “Four Bad Working Styles” and intensify supervision and administration of its affiliates; secondly, grasp the characteristic of the company’s “Going Out” strategy, and explore the methods of safeguarding the overseas strategy from the perspective of the Party work style construction; thirdly, check erroneous behaviors at the outset, and seek for the effective platform and methods of using the “Four Forms” of discipline inspection and supervision.


During the inspection trip, Deng Wenkui and his delegation visited SEP Caojing Cogeneration, where the General Manager Shi Peigang introduced the situation of production and operation, customers located in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, the power plant’s business operation model as well as discipline inspection and supervision work. Before he left, Deng shook hands warmly with front-line workers, extended thanks for their hard work with highly recognition for the effective operation and management of Caojing Cogeneration.


SEP Deputy Chief Auditor Yang Hanchang and heads of related departments participated in the meeting.

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