Supervisory Board Chairman of Key Large State-owned Enterprises Zhao Xiaoping Inspects SEP

From April 20 to 21, Supervisory Board Chairman of Key Large State-owned Enterprises Zhao Xiaoping, accompanied by Wang Yihua, SPIC Party Member and Chief Accountant, inspected SEP.

After listening to the comprehensive report of SEP Chairman Wang Yundan, Zhao Xiaoping gave full affirmation to the good results obtained from all aspects of work including production management, asset management, energy conservation and emissions reduction, overseas development, Party construction and corporate culture, and put forward three requirements for the next step:


First, firmly establish safety concept, actively introduce nuclear safety management, both keep those in mind and implement in behaviors, further establish a sound management system, strengthen supervision, vigorously promote the implementation, constantly improve the ability of employees, and ensure safe and stable energy supply for the megalopolis of Shanghai; second, actively face the new normal and electric power market competition, promote the quality and efficiency as the development engine, firmly grasp the theme of "cost reduction, weakness treatment, benefit improvement", further improve the level of cost control, optimize the financing structure and reduce the financing cost, constantly keep good momentum of development in clean energy, new energy and overseas projects, continue maintaining advanced indicator of the industry; third, formulate scientific "13th Five-Year Plan” for the company, which should be guided by the "Five Grand Development" Concept, further construct better, stronger, bigger business, make new breakthroughs in structure adjustment, efficiency improvement, risk control, science and technology innovation, and team building, create new achievements, and make a greater contribution to the “corner overtaking" of the group company SPIC during the "13th Five Year Plan" period.

Wang Yundan said that SEP must breakdown the spirit of the leaders’ speech and implement it in the KPI assessment. All the staff should continue to carry forward the striver spirit, undertake state-owned holding company's responsibilities more actively, keep innovative with pioneering spirit and solid work style, improve SEP’s level of profitability and competitiveness, constantly perfect corporate governance in order to create an international innovative integrated energy enterprise of industry-leading level, and strive for the biggest contribution to the "corner overtaking" of SPIC.


SEP President Wang Huaiming, Deputy Presidents Sun Weidong, Guo Baohong and Xia Meixing, Labor Union Chairman and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission Gu Ai and relevant department heads participated in the symposium.


During the inspection, Zhao Xiaoping with his delegation visited SEP Caojing Power Plant, and investigated the dock, circular coal yard, control room and the other production sites in the rain.


Zhao Xiaoping gave full affirmation to all the indicators of the plant, technical parameters, advanced level of the firstly developed ultra-low emissions among the similar units in the group company, and required the plant to firstly improve the management system and staff quality, keep equipment in good condition, keep strict controls of non-planned outage, ensure the safe and stable operation of the unit; secondly, keep exploiting the units’ remaining potential under the premise of good equipment operation of ultra-low emissions so as to maintain the leading economic indicators; thirdly, optimize control process and tools, reduce the production cost and non-production expenditure, and consolidate the achievements; fourthly, actively respond to challenges brought by the power system reform, strengthen the consciousness of market, competition and price, and vigorously develop the electric power market; fifthly, continue maintaining industry leading position in technological innovation, strengthen personnel training to make greater contribution to the development of electric power industry.


Director of Finance and Assets Management of SPIC He Zhaobin, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan and President Wang Huaiming accompanied Zhao in the inspection.

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