SEP Successfully Holds 2016 “Green Rhythm of Future” Spring Staff Healthy Run

On April 10, the sun was shining brightly and the spring was in the air of Pudong Century Park. To improve the physical fitness of the staff, enrich their life styles, fully display their civilized and harmony spirit, and deeply implement the “Harmony Culture” concept of SPIC, SEP Labor Union successfully held 2016 “Green Rhythm of Future” Spring Staff Healthy Run in the park. Director of Education and Sports Department of Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions Chen Bihua, Deputy Director Li Wei, SEP Chairman and Party Secretary Wang Yundan, SEP President Wang Huaiming, Deputy Presidents Guo Baohong, Xing Lianzhong and Xia Meixing participated in the activity.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Wang Huaiming pointed out that the purpose of the healthy run activity was to enrich the spiritual and cultural life and enhance physical fitness of the staff through sports as it is good for life so that the staff could devote themselves to work better with stronger physical quality and better mental state. The year of 2016 is the start of the “13th Five-Year Plan” as well as the transition and development year of the group company. The beautiful blueprint is motivating and the future is a long way to go. We should always maintain a positive mental attitude and high morale to make arrangements and decisions based on the understanding of the situation, to strive for a new success again in 2016 with dashing confidence and practice, and spare no efforts to promote the successful launch of innovative and coordinated development of SEP’s “13th Five-Year Plan”.

Wang Yundan noted in the closing speech that SEP, as a power generation company with one-hundred-year history, benefited from the “relay race” of several generations of SEPers to form the current sustainable development with domestic and overseas businesses moving forward hand in hand, structure and layout constantly optimized, and quality improving along with profits. Faced with the new start and the new journey, we should follow the five major development ideas put forward by the Party Central Committee, strengthen the propaganda and implementation of SPIC’s “Harmony Culture” concept system, boost enterprise cohesion and solidify the harmonious atmosphere of “Uprightness and Mildness”. Wang hoped that all the cadres and workers could strengthen exercise to improve physical quality, continue to carry forward the "Three-thousand" Hardworking Spirit, devote themselves to the brand new reform and development of SEP’s “13th Five-Year Plan”, and constantly write a new chapter for SEP’s “One Two Three Four” strategy.


At the avenue around the lake of the park, flags written with SPIC’s "Harmony Culture" concept system and SEP’s corporate culture were hung on both sides of the road amid the spring brightness. The healthy run included the following three games: men’s 7.6 km run, women’s 3.8 km run and staff healthy run. A total of 600 employees from SEP and its 21 subordinates along with Aluminum International Trade Company, SPIC Engineering Company joined in the activity.


The contest officially started at 8:15 a.m., with a clear gun shot, and the athletes rushed to the finish line. After intense competition, Kanshan Power Plant won the group champion, and SEP Operation Company and Caojing Power Plant won the second and third group prizes respectively. Yao Cheng from Aluminum International Trade Company won the first prize of men’s 7.6 km race, while He Rongxi from SEP Operation and Zhang Tao from Caojing Power Plant won the second and third prizes respectively. Shi Yang from Kanshan Power Plant won the first prize of women’s 3.8 km race, Kang Jin from Luojing Power Plant and Lin Wenwei from Caojing Power Plant won the second and third prizes respectively. Following the contest, the leaders who attended the activity presented awards to the winners.


The healthy run not only deepened the communication among different companies and embodied the spirit of SPIC’s “Harmony Culture”, but also left a deep impression on all the staff as the company leaders took the lead to run ahead.

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