SEP Holds 2016 Q2 Safety Production Committee Meeting

On April 6, SEP held the 2016 2th Quarter Safety Production Committee Enlarged Meeting. In the form of video conference, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan, President Wang Huaiming and Deputy Presidents Guo Baohong and Xing Lianzhong were present at the meeting, which was chaired by President Wang Huaiming.

Wang Yundan delivered a keynote speech with a comprehensive analysis of the current safety production situation and the problems existing in safety production work. He also raised requirements for safety production work from the four aspects as follows: first, change the old ideas and implement the policy of “safety first”; second, fulfill duty earnestly and carry out safety production responsibility system; third, be strict and meticulous, and steadily conduct safety production normalization work; fourth, complete the key tasks of safety production in the next stage.

Wang Huaiming summed up the meeting by requiring all the SEP subsidiaries to timely organize learning, understanding and implementing of the meeting spirit, especially Chairman Wang’s important speech. He also asked all the leaders to start from themselves and take the lead to carry out all the safety production requirements to every team, employee and site of their companies. He hoped everyone to examine themselves daily on the following questions: firstly, whether safety management is fulfilled; whether there exist major source of hidden danger and violation behavior against the regulation in the company; third, whether “safety first” is completed in daily work. All the leaders should follow the example of SPIC Chairman Wang Binghua, pay more visits to project sites and teams, solidly implement safety production work and ensure the accomplishment of the company’s safety target.


In the meeting, Xing Lianzhong conveyed SPIC’s requirements for safety production management in Q1, accident report, learning, publicity and implementation of important speeches made by SPIC Chairman Wang Binghua on March 8 and SPIC President Assistant Wang Shudong on March 25. SEP Safety and Environmental Protection Supervision Department, Production and Technology Department and Engineering Management Department reported situation of safety, production and project construction in Q1 respectively, with deployment of key tasks in the next stage. In addition, Representatives from Minhang Power Plant, SEP Engineering, Kanshan Power Plant and Tianji Power Plant gave speeches.


Members of SEP Safety Production Committee, the Party leaders and related staff of various companies attended the meeting at the main venue, while the safety production committee members of various companies joined in the meeting at the sub-venues.

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