SEP Staff Mourn Revolutionary Martyrs Ahead of Tomb-sweeping Day

On March 31, ahead of the Chinese Tomb-sweeping Day, SEP organized the tomb visit of martyr Wang Xiaohe. Wang Yundan, Party Secretary of SPIC East China Branch and SEP Chairman and Party Secretary, Gu Ai, SEP Disciplinary Inspection Committee Secretary and Labor Union Chairman, and Cui Jun, Disciplinary Inspection Committee Secretary of SPIC Talent College participated in the visit.

All the participants stood in silent tribute in front of the monument written with “loyalty and patriotism for the people” and presented flower baskets to revolutionary martyrs in the solemn atmosphere of the martyrs’ cemetery.

Then, they came to the grave of revolutionary martyr Wang Xiaohe, presented flowers and bowed to the martyr in turn to show their sincere respect amid the flying Party and League flags.


A total of over 170 staff members from SEP and its subordinate units along with SPIC Engineering Company, SPIC Talent College and SPIC Aluminum Trade Company joined in the tomb-sweeping activity.

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