Wang Huaiming Inspects SPIC Jiangsu Offshore Wind Power, New Energy Control Center

On March 31, 2016, SEP President Wang Huaiming embarked on an inspection tour to the group company SPIC’s Jiangsu Company, including the offshore wind power project and the remote central control center of the new energy company.

Accompanied by Jiangsu Offshore Wind Power Company GM Zhang Yi, Wang and his delegation went by boat to the site of Binhai North Area H1# 100 MW Offshore Wind Power Project. In the boat, Zhang gave a detailed introduction of the project progress, construction management, production and operation as well as experience and lessons learned during the project implementation.

On the large work platform of “Huadian 1001”, Wang acquired a deep understanding of construction organization, progress, technical difficulties and solutions from the construction party, and visited main control room, wind turbine lifting equipment, etc.

Afterwards, Wang visited New Energy Remote Central Control Center located in Yancheng, Jiangsu, accompanied by SPIC Jiangsu New Energy Company GM Mao Xiwei. Wang also learned deeply about the operation and manning of central control center together with the progress of SEP Binhai and Dongtai PV Projects connecting to the center. Wang noted that the company has taken the lead in new energy centralized monitoring, which is worth learning by SEP, and he hoped both sides would strengthen communication in the new energy field from now on.


During his survey, Wang conducted in-depth conversations on the related project development of SEP in Yancheng with the relevant leaders of Yancheng city government and Yancheng Power Supply Co.


The related staff from SEP Planning and Development Department, Baling Group and SEP New Energy participated in the visit.

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