Wang Huaiming Inspects Kanshan Power Plant

On August 20, 2015, SEP President Wang Huaiming visited Jiangsu Kanshan Power Generation Co., Ltd., warmly greeted front-line workers and conducted a specific  inspection on the plant’s safety production. Ding Mingdong, Director of Safety and Environmental Supervision Department, Wu Dedong, Director of Labor Union Office, and Shen Haihua, Deputy Director of Production and Technology Department accompanied Wang on his inspection.

Wang and his delegation inspected the key areas such as liquid ammonia tanks, oil tanks, dangerous chemicals warehouse and hydrogen supply station, and examined the  ledger management on the inflammables,  explosives and dangerous chemicals and related records of safety production performance evaluation. Wang shook hands with front-line workers in the centralized control room, fuel control room and maintenance groups and presented gifts to them. He expressed sincere regards to all the workers and asked about the current working situation. He hoped all the staff to carry forward “Three Thousand” hardworking spirit, in order to ensure safety production during the summer peak period.

During his inspection, Wang firstly affirmed the production and operation of Kanshan Power Plant in the first half year. He emphasized that all the achievements were the results of the leading group and the whole staff’s hard work and devotion to accomplish stable and safe production, no matter that of Kanshan Power Plant or Turkey Atlas Power Plant mainly operated by employees from Kanshan Power Plant, both with remarkable improvement in production and operation situation as well as performance on year-on-year basis. He made five requests on the safety production of the plant. Firstly, fully recognize the importance, urgency and difficulty of safety production work. Secondly, adhere to the policy of “Safety first, precaution crucial”. Thirdly, carry out performance evaluation strictly and seriously. Fourthly, anti-violation of regulations should be implemented with iron hands. Fifthly, fight against hidden danger with determined heart. Wang hoped that the plant could try all the ways to conquer difficulties and actively promote lean management so as to ensure safety production, manage electricity supply and attempt to overfulfil this year’s targets.

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